For the Love of Jeans (Nov 2 2017)

Well it’s November now.  Ugggh.  Only 363 days until next Halloween though.

I know what will cheer us all up– JEANS DAY tomorrow!  For the months of November and December, we are collecting donations for our holiday charity (more details coming soon!).   So if you are wearing jeans tomorrow, please drop a toonie in the beary bank in the café.

And since it’s getting colder and maybe snowy soon, please remember, do NOT to wear jeans skiing.

“Why the heck not?!” you might ask.

  • They get so wet.
  • They stay wet and freeze.
  • You look like a goober.

This guy, however, looks like he’s being the best version of himself in this moment.  Free as a seagull on a mountain! …on skis

It might look like he’s got real tight form in his legs (he’s got some weird seagull wing arms), but it’s actually his wet jeans frozen together!

Also this:

trump sign

So it must be bad.

And here is one more special treat for you.  It’s skiing related.  You’ll love it  🙂



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