Friday Blues…as in Jeans (Nov 9 2017)

Happy Jeans Day Eve!  We are collecting for our holiday charity (TBA) for the months of November and December, so please drop your toons ($2) in the beary bank in the café if you are partaking in the jeans life tomorrow.

This Saturday is Remembrance Day, so don’t forget to read In Flanders Fields, to sport your poppy, and remember the troops.


And since you have all been such hard workers this week, here is your Thursday treat.  I thought I would share with you some very work appropriate denim styles because I am just SO in touch with the fashion scene.


Putting the “fun” in FUNCTIONAL, we have the very popular jean chaps.
I would look equally livid if my job were to model these marvels of modern fashion genius.




Why wear your jean jacket the normal way?  What are you, some kind of LOSER who’s given up on life?  NO!  You’re trendy and still relevant, so flip that thing around and wear it backwards, AKA the new frontwards.



jesterIf head pieces are more your speed, no sweat!  We’ve got (L-R) Fresh-from-the-Battlefield-Knight in Denim Armour, the Badboy Goes Shopping, the Coy Court Jester, the Blue Collar Motocross, and the Jester and a Scarecrow’s moody teenage Son.

Bonus points if you can keep a straight face like these professional models while wearing any of these looks.

Have a great long weekend!  Play safe.

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