Prepare Your Eyes — Part II (Sept 14 2017)

Alright, here we are with another Jeans Day email–this time at my own expense.  (I hope I don’t live to regret this…)


Here’s a picture of me and my cousin in the summer of 1999 in our new super wide flared jeans (AKA “flares”).  Guess which one I am!  (Why am I doing this to myself?!)  Standing next to my gorgeous, cool-girl, dude-magnet cousin really brings out my….. “charm”.  My hope was that, going into grade 10 (high school), these wicked jeans would get me so many DATES!   Guess again, brace-face.  They did not.  I was a textbook example of an awkward 14-year-old. (sigh)  Some things never change – Awkward & Dateless: The Vanessa Lever Story. (what a sad sack)

Now that I have bared my SOUL to you all, let’s make some nice coin-cash for WISH Drop-In Centre tomorrow!  If you’re wearing your flares, please drop a toonie in the beary bank in the café tomorrow.  AT LEAST a toonie – I shared an awkward teenage picture of myself!

Now I’m going to hide under my desk for the rest of the day  🙂  HAHAHAHA BYE!



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