Prepare Your Eyes – Part III (Sept 21 2017)

Well, I’m out of overly personal, embarrassing pictures to announce tomorrow’s Jeans Day, so I have to move on to dogs again.  Specifically, my dogs.


This is Rebus.  He’s way too cool/serious to wear clothes, so this is as far as I got with him.    Shirt open and semi-relaxed pose, just like a model.  This is his test shot for the new Calvin Klein fragrance, cK-9 (see what I did there?).  It smells like dog butts.  And coconuts.


And then there’s this little girl, Star.  She’s a goofball, just like me, and she’ll do just about anything for food (also just like me), including sit patiently while some insane lady uses her for her cuteness.   But, I mean, come on! Adorable.


They have asked that everyone please remember to make their toonie donations tomorrow for our last collection for WISH Drop-in Centre.  I’ll be drawing a new charity for October!

And for my next Jeans Day email collection, I’m going to ask for YOUR embarrassing photos from decades past to feature in my emails.  I’ve already heard several people saying they “used to have jeans like that” etc., so I KNOW there must be some photographic evidence of you in your Action Jeans.  Don’t be shy.  For pete’s sakes, you already know I’m a big dorkus and crazy dog lady, so what have you got to lose?!  Oh, and you have to actually be in the pictures so that we can all laugh at appreciate your unique style choices.  So crack open those dusty photo albums and yearbooks!

Thanks!  🙂

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