Prepare Your Eyes… (Sept 7 2017)

Today’s Jeans Day reminder is brought to you by…my dad’s BUTT!


This is me and my Pa nappin’ in 1985.  There’s a tiny bit of jeans somewhere in there.  It’s like a Where’s Waldo for the denim in this picture.  It was a different time then!

My dad has instilled in me a great appreciation for naps, but thankfully, he has long since retired his Daisy Dukes.  And his lush head of hair has long since retired its existence.  I realize this picture is borderline inappropriate, luckily it’s also CUTE AS HECK!

We are continuing to collect donations for WISH Drop In Centre in the downtown eastside.   Learn more about WISH here ->  or ask me in person.

If you’re wearin’ jeans, please drop a toonie in the beary bank in the café tomorrow.  And please—no Daisy Dukes.  This is a public service announcement.

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