A Special Poem… (Dec 14 2017)

T’was the week before Christmas when all through the land,
There lived not a person with skin ever tanned.

The days were so short and the nights dark and cold,
Spirits were lower than ever had been told.

Then came along Thursday which brought with it some cheer,
For Fridays we don JEANS and HOLIDAY GEAR!


Endorsing a snowman, here Kanye shows glee,
But with that dead stare still seems he might kill me.

I ask, what is it with this guy?! Smiling’s no crime.
Doesn’t he know that it’s Christmasy time?!


And when the Queen Bey wears a tinsled out robe,
People soon follow suit from all over the globe

Her designer sweater all decked out with balls,
Everywhere she goes, she decks the halls!


Matt Damon’s a good sport, he’s always some fun,
And as a bonus, also quite handsome.

We’d make good looking babies, but I digress,
And with the restraining order, I shall not press.


Lucky for me, I know how he truly feels,
We have a secret, unspoken, only-I-know-it deal.


Like the poem says, wear jeans and holiday sweaters tomorrow!  And next Friday and the Friday after that.  (I’m not here the next two Fridays, so do whatever you want.  I have that authority, right?)  Still collecting dollars for Covenant House and the Food Bank, so remember your change.  🙂

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