A Spring in Your Jeans (Mar 22 2018)

Ok, so admittedly, last week’s email was lack lustre (I was very busy, OK?!), so this week I hope to redeem myself.

I’d like to invite you all to hop into my Delorean time machine and explore denim ads of the past….

“Hey, Va–whatever your name is with the glasses, you’re a woman. You can’t wear pants!”

Well, 1947, that may be the case, but I don’t have a cowboy/airplane mechanic/generic tradesman who doesn’t know how to buy his own damn pants in my life.

But as simple, feeble, and meek a woman as I may be, (tee hee! *hair flip*) I will be wearing my freshly pressed Lady Levi’s tomorrow.  Whether I’m obediently grilling in my concrete backyard, or awkwardly hauling a rattan picnic-basket-for-one through the fields, Lady Levi’s are for me.  For leisure.



Or maybe for bidding your useless spouse farewell as you BBQ a salmon slab for yourself. Or maybe for walking out on that loser thereby freeing yourself of the shackles of an oppressive relationship and taking charge of your own destiny – LADY LEVI’S!

Watch out world, I’m a WOMAN IN JEANS!

Men, I still like you all.  And you may wear jeans as well.  As if you needed a woman to tell you that!

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