A Streetcar Named Denimsire (Apr 12 2018)

It looks like another Friday is upon us, so make sure tonight you wash those jeans and iron that crisp crease down the legs.

Also, did you know that tomorrow is Friday the 13th?!  (Ahhhhhhhhhh!) This little guy told me so.


I can’t blame him though, he’s just doing his job.  And what a good job he’s doing!  (His name is Boo, I’ve decided)

This got me searching “cats in jeans” (naturally), and I found some of Boo’s friends.


This is Marcus.  He’s one of those unassuming, slightly dorky types who turns out to be a HUGE joker and a prankster.  He skateboards.

This is Bandana. She. Is. BAD ASS.  (Sorry management, I meant “butt”)


It kind of looks like she has a tattoo on her arm, but it’s actually a watermark on the image.  I still like to imagine she’s got a tattoo though. Her jean vest makes her look a little rough, but she is actually quite high maintenance.


And this is Moe.  He hates jeans.  He hates the people that put him in jeans even more.

I wanted to put a fun cowboy/cat pun in there, but he said no, he will not contribute to those of stereotypes or to people receiving any joy from this image.  In case it’s not obvious, this outfit was another one of Marcus’ ideas.

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