Attack of the Killer Jeans (Apr 19 2018)

Guess what?!  Tomorrow is Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

Tomorrow is also April 20th, aka 420, aka anyone-who-commutes-downtown’s-worst-nightmare!  If the thought of that causes you anxiety or a migraine or a flare up of your IBS, at least you can easily find a legitimate proprietor of herbal supplements walking around to ease your pain. *wink wink*   Seriously though, what better opportunity to listen to an endless loop of Bob Marley and work on your hula hooping with a group of like-minded bohemian strangers?!

That person will probably be wearing some variation of THESE, which, as we all know, are timelessly elegant and portray an air of sophisticated entrepreneurship.

420 1

Oh wait—
That’s this guy’s ensemble!

420 2

Is anyone pulling one of these out of the dusty depths of their Ikea PAX wardrobe tomorrow?!  This dude means BUSINESS.  A very specific type of business, but at least he’s wearing dress shoes.

The glasses make him seem like the slimiest guy you would ever meet at an American frat party. His product is probably very expensive, but very good–or at least he thinks so.  Trust him, he’s a doctor.

Does anything really need to be said about these? Really?

420 3

They’re reflective too, so you’re seen day AND night while dancing/drumming/hacky-sacking/lunging up a (smoke) storm on 420.

And did you even know THIS?!

420 4

So by wearing jeans to work tomorrow, you can still gently, subtly, legally take a stand against The MAN and partake in the festivities.

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