Field of Jeans (May 10 2018)

Good Thursday to you all!

This Friday we continue collecting Friday Jeans Day donations for the MAKE-A-WISH Foundation. If you wear jeans to work tomorrow, please remember to plop $2+ in the beary bank which WILL be in the kitchen tomorrow. 🙂
Let’s make some dreams come true!


This Sunday, in case you forgot, we honour our MOTHERS!  Don’t forget to buy your Mama a card, you ungrateful poop!  I’ve received long distance guilt from my own mother for neglecting this simple task, so I will never again forget.

And now…

Mom Jeans: A Comprehensive Study

The following illustrations are an exploration into the phenomenon that is the Mom Jean of the 1980s/1990s.  While they are indeed making a vicious comeback amongst today’s fashionable youths, these images have been sourced straight from the original decades.

Figure 1.


The structure of the Mom Jean is one that flatters nearly no one, especially those who have selflessly given of their bodies to bear snot-nosed children. In Figure 1 we see the way in which the Mom Jean masks any semblance of the female form.  Paired with old runners, this outfit just screams “meh”.

Figure 2.


The modern mother is all about practicality and the Mom Jean in Figure 2 offers an elastic waistband for on-the-go momming.  However, it’s complete lack of pockets leaves one to wonder how practical these pants would actually be.  Where would one stuff their partially used Kleenexes?  And how does one spell “Kleenexes”?

One source described this particular version of Mom Jean as looking like one is smuggling a pair of watermelons in their pants.

Figure 3.


The idea that pleats, adding more fabric volume to the front of one’s pants, will forever boggle the author’s mind.  While the model in Figure 3 looks stunning, she herself is likely a mother to no more than a goldfish.

The floral pastels are reminiscent of a romantic rose garden, one of mothers’ favourite things.


MOMS – We love them almost as much as they love us!

And don’t you even worry, DADS will be next month. 🙂



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