Gentlemen Prefer Jeans (Apr 5 2018)

Happy Thursday!  Here we are again at the beginning of a new month, which means….new Jeans Day charity!


Following along the same thread as last week, here are some more fun/hilarious old ads.


This adorable parade marshal lost the parade she was leading, but luckily found a Lee dungarees focus group (?) for old business men.  Because everyone knows that parade marshals can also act as showgirls and presenters!

“Ohhh ok, we all get it now! Of course.  Don’t be a fool and hire a guy in worn-in overalls.  He looks like he’s been working at his craft for decades! Hire the shiny new guy, pay him less, and expect the same results as the experienced guy.  It’s called “business”, people.”  They know.

And, uhh, this one. Which is not for jeans, but is terrifying.


I don’t know WHY you’d be spreading (raw?) meat on bread – gross.

Also, WHO is buying a meat grinder that is suggestive of grinding up people?!  Homicidal maniacs, I guess?

This little girl is gonna have issuuuuuuues! You can tell from the look in her eyes that the devil already has a tight grip on her soul.

Sweet dreams!

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