Groundhog Jeans / Jeans-hog Day (Feb 1 2018)

That’s right, it’s time for another edition of Jeans Day emails!

Since it’s already February (what?!), we are collecting our Jeans Day donations for……. The BC SPCA again!  If you wear your jeans tomorrow, please make sure to drop off a toonie in the beary bank in the kitchen.  The animals thank you.

And if you have a charity that you would like to toss in the hat for the monthly Jeans Day fund, let me know!

Tomorrow is also – GROUNDHOG DAY!!  The 1993 movie starring the one and only Bill Murray is probably more famous than the day itself.  Remember this?


Punxsutawney Phil is the famous dirt squirrel in that movie, and also in real life.  He’s paraded out every year like a pageant baby to unwittingly announce whether we move into spring, or stay trapped in winter.  Poor plumper.  He either gets cheered or booed by a bunch of rodent worshippers, and he doesn’t even know why.  He’s just along for the ride.


Hmm…I’ve seen this somewhere else before…


Oh right.  That’s a lot to live up to.  Here is the audio, if you need it (you do).

One more for cuteness points. Aww look at that adorable idiot, he doesn’t know ANYTHING about meteorology.


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