Jeans Day Weekly (Jan 11 2018)

Happy Jeans Day Eve!  Now that we’ve rolled into the New Year, it’s left some of us to reflect on the past.  So today’s Jeans Day email focuses on: REGRETS.

This hearty chuckle is brought to you by a GQ magazine article that was looking back at fashion regrets of GQ magazines past.  I didn’t write this, but MAN I wish I did.





“As our man here demonstrates, nothing says ‘cool’ like denim. OK, that’s not entirely accurate. Sometimes nothing says ‘ticket scalper’ like a Dacron-and-wool blend that looks like denim but feels like you’re wearing a suit of brambles. Good thing those enormous cuffs distract him from what must be the textural nadir of his entire turtlenecked existence. Rumor has it that after the shoot, the Dacron Warrior stood in front of a strip mall and leered menacingly at underage girls—girls who, if they deigned to talk to him, ran a





This guy though–this guy is my spirit animal.  I mean sometimes you just try SO hard, you do your very best to fit in, but you know what?

flagYou’re just not meant to fit in, buddy! So raise your sword to the sky and proclaim o’er all the land “I AM A PATRIOTIC DUNGEON MASTER! COME AND GET IT, LADIES! …or gentlemen.”


If you are wearing your suits of brambles / swords tomorrow, please remember to make your $2 donation to the beary bank that will be up in the kitchen tomorrow.  We’re collecting for North Shore Rescue, afterall. 🙂

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