Jeansrassic Park (Feb 8 2018)

Happy Thursday afternoon!  Time for another installment of “Vanessa Goofs Off in an Office-Wide Email”.

Tomorrow’s Jeans Day is supporting the BC SPCA because we all love animals so much!  So bring your toonies for the beary bank in the kitchen. Or donate here if you wish.

I also love the animals of eons past – DINOSAURS!  And I saw the new Jurassic World movie trailer this week, so I’m an excited little nerd.

dino1WHAT?! WHAT?!?

Admittedly there is a lot going on in this picture:

  • Dinosaur.
  • Dinosaur wearing jeans.
  • Dinosaur wearing jeans in a gravel lot with some tanks.

The back story here is that she came through a tear in the space-time continuum as a baby rex.  She was found in a Nebraskan corn field and raised alongside five children.  She grew quickly, as T-Rexes do, and became a valued member of the family farm.  Her one vice — besides eating other farmers’ pigs – was raiding her oldest sister Juanita’s closet which lead to quite the sibling rivalry.

Finally, one hot summer day, Rexy decided to make her own way in the world.  She bought stole, using her own intimidation tactics, her very own pair of jeans, and skipped town with a long haul truck driver named Dean. This picture is Rexy saying “peace out!” to her family.  Not in a spiteful way, but in an I-gotta-go-live-MY-life kind of way.  Work it, girl.

Moving on….


THESE!  Where do I find them?!


Never have there been more office-appropriate jeans.  I mean the rips are a little too Scorpio for my liking, but I could work with them.

And just a side note, if anyone finds this guy, send him my way. We will promptly get married and raise many dogs together.  Wow wee.



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