Monty Python’s Life of Jeans (Feb 15 2018)

Whoa! What a CRAZY WEEK it’s been.  I almost forgot about the Jeans Day email – yeesh!

Tomorrow is Jeans Day for the BC SPCA again, so if you’re wearing jeans, please remember to drop them toonies in the jar in the café.

And don your patriotic CANADA apparel with them jeans too.  You can drop by the training room to check out Olympic event replays.  All the live stuff seems to happen at either 3am or after 4pm, so you’re pretty much on your own that way.

Tomorrow is also CHINESE NEW YEAR and (coincidence?) it’s the year of the DOG!  The stars are truly aligning, people.


You know what this means?  More pictures of denim dogs!

Ok, this little metalhead just about snapped my heart in two.  You have to read the patches on his vest – hilarious.   I love it.


And because Whippets and Greyhounds are THE BEST dogs in the world, here’s a dapper whippet prince in his best outdoor attire for squirrel hunting.


And this little angel is looking positively West Coast in this adorable sleeved number and kerchief.  Like a little sailor!


So yes, Year of the Dog, obviously something I can get behind.  This year is going to get so many belly rubs and neck scritches from me!

….I don’t know what that means either.


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