Paranormal Activijeans (May 3 2018)

I’m not going to make any May the 4th jokes for tomorrow.  Don’t even ask me what a May the 4th joke is, nerds.

This month’s Jeans Day charity is Make-A-Wish Foundation!  I have a wish…to win a lottery.  But I digress.  Please remember to drop off your toonies in the beary bank in the kitchen tomorrow to make the kids’ dreams come true!

This week I am going to share a little something from my personal life with you all (because I never do that).  It’s sort of jeans related.

There’s an apartment for rent in my building.  My building is only eight units, so we all kind of know each other and I was therefore interested to know who was moving out.  On Monday I was talking to my neighbour and he told me it’s the guy upstairs, let’s call him “Ben”, whose apartment is up for rent.  Because……HE DIED.  That’s right, a man DIED in my building.  He passed away from a heart attack and our landlord found him when he went to collect his late rent.  Now my building is haunted (I assume that’s how it works) by a kind, older guy named “Ben”.

“Where do the JEANS come into this story, Lever?!”

Thank you for that question, obnoxious co-worker.  “Ben” was a nice guy, very friendly.  I saw him on a couple of occasions heading to or from the laundry room with his arms full of jeans.  That’s it.  He had a lot of jeans to wash, I guess.  Sorry, there’s no big correlation, I just wanted to share this melancholy story and get some CLOSURE, ok?!  Today you wear jeans for the kids, tomorrow – for “Ben”.

ghost jeans(ghost jeans)
I won’t tell you where I live because that is weird, but if you see this quaint, unassuming historical building with a “For Rent” sign, you’ll know.



Séance at my place tomorrow night!  JK JK

Now I’m hoping to discover that my other neighbours are a werewolf, vampires, a witch, and maybe a mummy.  All friendly though!  And we’ll live out our days here in silly laugh-track style sitcom hijinks.  Or we’ll make a Backstreet Boys music video.  Whichever.

RIP “Ben”.  🙂

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