Singin’ In the Jeans (Jan 25 2018)

Tomorrow is the last Friday of the month, if you can beliebe it! [“beliebe” was a typo, but I left it for you Bieber fans.]   Which means… it’s a FREE Jeans Day! Whoop whoop!

You know what else is free?  These things on Craigslist:

A random collection of gross, worn stuffed animals.
Why?  Why would you ever think someone would want to come to your home to pick up a bunch of weird, old stuffed toys?  Oh, yup, that’s it – kidnapping.

“Yes hello, Chris Hansen?  We caught this predator.  They’re in East Van.”

Ah yes, the very expensive and ever elusive +1.75 reading glasses.


If paying $8 at any drug/grocery/dollar store is just out of your ability, rest easy.  This pair of reading glasses is FREE.  Just spend $4.10 on the Skytrain, 2 zones each way, then walk to a stranger’s house to pick them up.  EASY!  But more importantly– FREE.

Here’s just a picture of stuff that someone has for free.


Tangled hangers.
Cardboard box.
A broken chair, maybe?
A vacuum cleaner. Actually, I think the ad said that’s NOT up for grabs.

I shall assume that this hoarder just wants some help cleaning out their basement suite because they are lazy and have TOO MANY HANGERS TO DEAL WITH.

Next week = end of the month = moving time.  I could be very right about this.


Pallets.  Free pallets.

I know why these are free — for all those Pinterest DIY home things that we’re all crazy about!

“What’s that? Wet, splintery wood piled in a bush for FREE?? Yes please!  I need to build a rustic headboard this weekend.”

I’m going to pick up a few of these because I want most is for my whole apartment to look like an old farmhouse.  You know what I mean. 🙂 🙂

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