What Jeans May Come (Jan 18 2018)

Happy almost Jeans Day, my little denim pixies!  Yet another charity Jeans Day is upon us.  We will  be collecting donations for North Shore Rescue for one more week.  Wearing jeans = donate $2+ in the beary bank in the kitchen tomorrow.

I was reflecting on the ever-changing alignment of the stars and planets, and realized that the month of Aquarius is upon us.  Those emotional, open-minded liars who are rebellious and rely on no one!  Or so the internet told me, I don’t know anything horoscope stuff.  “OMG, what sign are you?” – If you are so dedicated to the zodiac way of thinking, then shouldn’t you already know what sign I am?!

Apparently though, dressing for your zodiac sign is a thing.  A BIG thing to some (namely, sexy Instagram models).  See:


Now to my practical, pessimistic, stubborn Capricorn eye, these jeans ALL LOOK THE SAME.  They are ripped.  And most of them too much so!

You can even take this a step further:


Again – these outfits are ALL THE SAME.  If I saw four girls walking down the street in these outfits, I would say “hey, you’re all dressed identically. Are you some kind of sports squad?” and then one of them would say “uuuuh, obviously not, Jannise’s sweatshirt is NOT cropped because she’s a modest Virgo”, to which I would respond “well pardon me for not noticing your subtly nuanced versions of this MAINSTREAM, celebrity-dictated fashion trend!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m trying to get to Old Navy.”

This is what the world is heading toward:


Feeling cynical yet? What can I say, I’m just a typical sarcastic Capricorn!

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