The Royal Denimbaums

Guess what, chicken butts?! This Friday is a FREE Jeans Day to celebrate the much-anticipated Victoria Day long weekend 🙂 🙂

You know what else is this weekend?  The Royal Wedding!  EEeeeeek!  What will Meghan wear?  Will her dad show up, unexpectedly? Will the Queen crack a smile?  All things I can’t wait to find out!  Actually, I don’t really care about this at all, but it’s part of my THEME, ok?!

Speaking of her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second (first name basis), she is the subject of this week’s Jeans Day Weekly.  While I highly double Liz has ever even toyed with the thought of even touching a pair of jeans, she has seen people in jeans – and HOW DARE THEY!


This precious little commoner dared to meet the Queen in jeans AND a jean jacket, on a street corner, and didn’t even wear a feathery facinator!  Look at Prince Philip glazing down at those £2 cellophane-wrapped flowers with such haughtiness.  “Silly dumpster child and her drugstore blooms.  Off with her head!!”
[JK , Prince Philip can’t order that.  Have you seen The Crown?! He’s not bitter about his status at all.]



THIS guy though, this guy takes the pie (better than cake).  This working class hero has obviously never worked in the theatre because he has NO sense of his blocking.  None at all!  Jeez, speaking of ANIMALS.  I understand he’s shearing a sheep, but please sir, you are greeting the Queen with your buttocks!  Off with his buns!

And I found pictures of the Queen smiling!  Nay – in total BLISS!  Or should I say “neiggghhhh!” Her horsey, Barbershop, won a race.  This is the most casual the Queen ever gets.

The prize for this particular race?  A Tesco gift card.  For real, you can see it in her hand.  Tesco is like the Walmart of the UK.  And she could not be happier.

Have a wonderful, safe, sunny long weekend! 🙂

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