The Jeans Whisperer

Well, here we are again at the (almost) end of the week.  Tomorrow is FRIDAY, June 1st which means:

A)  Tomorrow is Jeans Day!
2)   New month, new Jeans Day collection for Paws for Hope!

Learn more about Paws for Hope here.  Or just look at pictures of some cuuuuuute animals.

Similar to paws (but not really at all), this week’s installment of the Jeans Day Weekly focuses on the unsung hooves of the jeans world.  That’s right – HORSES!

gimme jeans!

This stunning stallion is working that side profile and I am buying what he is serving – FACE!  Horse face.

Also delicious jeans.  Just choppin’ at the bit.

“Gimme!  I’m a fashion horse!”


While this pretty pony is an exquisite model, turns out the REAL stars of this shot are the matching his and hers denim tuxedos.  Because everyone knows your love ain’t real if your outfits don’t match!

The horse looks unimpressed at best, and seems over-worked and under-paid.

“Are we done here?  Boy, am I gonna get it from the other horses in the stable when they hear about this gig.” [insert horse eye roll]

jordache look

And this horse equivalent of Fabio is being grossly over-shadowed by some guy who seems to never have put his arm around a woman before.

“Well, this is where I put my hand when I waltz with Mother.”

Come on, guy.  She’s giving a fierce “Jordache look”.  You’re giving a stiff “I-wonder-what-kind-of-bread-that-guy’s-turkey-sandwich-is-on look”.

And just for fun, because you all deserve a REAL laugh …

horse jeans!

Thanks Internet, for making things like this exist.  🙂

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