Silence of the Jeans

Good Thursday, my little denim bunnies!  Another Friday Jeans Day is upon us and we are collecting your toonies for Paws for Hope again this week.

Contemplating the thought of paws and hope, my thought process this week went a little like this:

Paws for Hope –> dogs –> my dogs –> my dogs’ little paws –> my poor couch

Yeah, they love it.  GUHH, look at those lil paws.  I love ’em SO MUCH!
So today’s Jeans Day Weekly delves into the world of denim furniture!  That’s right…FURNITURE.

famcy couch1

This classy piece of bum cush would be perfect in an industrial loft.  It’s working class fancy!  This one too:

fancy couch2


butt couch

This one tried to be fancy, but fell short.  Real short.  Like that time you tried to make yourself some cut-offs and, whoops, they display more than you wanted.  There’s even still some belt in there along the bottom row [heh heh heh]… something about that makes me feel very uneasy.  Like maybe there are still butts in those jeans?  What?!  No.  That’s weird.but couch2And this creative piece makes me feel downright nauseous.   It’s too real, you know?  All those jeans had people in them, they have stories.  That ripped knee part on the arm?  That’s from when someone, as an adult, probably tripped and fell running up cement stairs outside a friend’s house.  And again – butts.  (that’s the real theme of this week’s email)  Who thought it would be comfy to snuggle up with your honey on a loveseat covered in strangers’ denim ASS CAPES?!  You know they’re just filled with farts!  Ew!



This last one is the couch equivalent to mom jeans (not moms). Slouchy.  Well-worn.  LOVED.
slouch couch
Ok that’s enough.  The maturity level in here just plummeted.  You loved it.  We all enjoy a little immaturity sometimes! 🙂 🙂

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