Father of the Jeans

Mmm, can you smell that? *sniff sniff*  A mix of fabric softener and barn — the smell of jeans is in the air.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY which means we get to PARTY like it’s 1999 gently celebrate the end of the work week by wearing JEANS!  [CUE: Loverboy’s “Workin’ for the Weekend”]

#1 dad

This weekend is FATHERS’ DAY!  Did I mail my father a card, you ask?  Yes …maybe.  I’ll do it tonight, ok?!   So let’s honour dads through some internet-supplied images.

First, as promised…
dad jeans
I don’t even need to add my smart-ass comments to these.  It’s already done!  (lazy)
dad starter
This is pure GOLD.  A cultural treasure from@AStarterPack.

dad night out
As a young teenager, I babysat for a family whose dad looked just like this!  Minus the cell phone holster – it was the late 90s.  I got paid $3.50/hour to eat their junk food and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I peaked early in life.

This is what a dad does to try to teach you the value of a dollar.  “You’re going to spend $100 on jeans that are already ripped?!  They have holes in the knees and the pockets are showing!  You want fashion jeans, I’ll make you some for FREE.” dad ripped - Copy


And then he’d put them on whenever you had friends over and made a point of coming down as often as possible to show them (and other things) off.  But your friends thought he was SO funny and wanted him to make them fashion jeans.  “Get out of here, dad! You are being so embarrassing!”

Little did I know that embarrassing teenagers is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  And dads are well aware of that!  🙂  Love you Pa!

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