Pretty in Jeans

Merry Summer Solstice and National Indigenous Peoples Day!  Mmmmm summer, it is HERE.

Today we’re jumping back in time to a decade when “cool” meant neon, sneakers that pumped up, and Walkmans (Walkmen?).

bugle boy

This guy  knows what I’m talking about.  A true Bugle Boy!
bugle boys

This group of radical, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lovin’ sk8er boyz were the coolest in school in 1990.  I particularly enjoy how in the top right corner of that picture, “husky” and “prep” are two of the jean fits.

Then we have a pair of jean-soaked Breakfast Club wannabes.

AD COPY WRITER 1:  It’s a good ad, but let’s give them a little story. You know, so teens can relate.

AD COPY WRITER 2: Great idea, Greg!  Some coming of age dialogue?

GREG: Perfect Marv, but let’s make it the most unnatural dialogue anyone’s ever read.

MARV: You’re the man Greg!  Let’s take these power suits out for a liquid lunch and sit in the smoking section.

BOTH: Yey, 90s!
jean date
Why does John respond so suspiciously to Maggie’s first question?  “Well…I am graduating this year…obviously…we’re going to college together in the fall…I gave you a promise ring…I love you?”.

bf club


Hot Tip:  Don’t use hubcaps as drums. That’s dumb and you look dumb. Dummy.




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