I Know What You Jeansed Last Summer

That’s right sports fans, tomorrow is Friday before a long weekend which means JEANS DAY!

This weekend it’s CANADA DAY, so let’s celebrate the true north, strong and free with some denim long weekend essentials:

  1.  Jean picnic blankey – sit your butt on some butts.
    jean blanket
  2. Jean tent – hopefully it doesn’t rain. Mmmmm…wet jeans clinging to you as you sleep.
    jean tent
  3. Patriotic jean shorts — Canajorts
    canadian jeans
  4. Fishin’ jeans – brace yourself…for all the things you can do with your hands free!
    fishing jeans2
  5. Fireworks jeans – as subtle as a firework.
  6. Beach jeans – beached jeans?
    beach jeans2
  7. BBQ jeans – mmm delicious.  I’ll take mine with melted cheese on it please.
    bbq jeans

Happy Canada Day long weekend!  Play safe.

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