Last Jeans Day Hero

Happy Jeans Day Eve, my little flying monkeys!  Since Jeans Day Weekly emails exist to help our office raise money for so many– let’s face it– animal charities every week, it kind of makes us heroes in our own little way.  Heroes in jeans.  Jearoes.
Here are some other heroes in jeans.


Violent and short-tempered, but a hero nonetheless, Wolverine is a Canadian jean-wearing hero.  And he looks pretty good for 120-some-years old–that’s the effect of wearing JEANS!

Who knew that Thor was a Never-Nude?!  I guess we all have our insecurities.



I’ve always thought that jeans were WAY more practical than capes for fighting villains. Who knew that Jeremy Renner had such bangin’ hips!  No wonder he’s got such a confident strut.  Poor Scar Jo though.

A baby sheep is a lamb, a baby cow is a calf, a baby goat is a kid, and

Oh whoops!  How did this get in here.  Chris, you scamp.  Stop looking directly at the sun, you’ll burn that smoldering look permanently into your eyes.
He is a Guardian of the Galaxy and a Jurassic Park dino hero, so it’s still on theme.  The theme of my dreams.

And one more lil giggle treat for y’all.  Slightly NSFW, just pretend it says “holy shoot” or “holy darn it” or “what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks?!”…


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