Call me By Your Jeans

This weekend is PRIDE here in Vancouver!  There are SO MANY Pride-related events happening this week and over the weekend, from comedy shows to Really Gay History Tours to drag shows to outdoor movies, and not to mention the parade and the PARTIES.  Oh goodness, you may have heard about the parties.  It’s a fun time to be alive in Vancouver!

Here are some ideas to get you pumped for Pride weekend.  Maybe you’d like to wear something celebrating/supporting Pride to work tomorrow.   Something subtle like these socks or underoos, perhaps?

Or a little more…

Maybe a little DIY on your jeans for tomorrow…
(I wish I could have found a picture of someone wearing these bell bottoms. I know– they should be up in the subtle category)

What’s that? You’ve got some client meetings? Here you go.

Going to court?  Robe up like Lena Waithe (god damn QUEEN!).  That’ll get the judge’s attention.robes

Or go FULL ON…

Whoops! I will high five, nay TEN, anyone who wants to don their gay apparel to work, but I have a feeling these may not be permitted in the workplace.  Mostly due to the lack of pants and nipple coverage.

And there are about a MILLION Pride-related t-shirts on the market these days, but I think this one may be my favourite.  🙂

A-DORABLE.  What can I say, I love a pun!
Play safe this long weekend.  Good bye.

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