Oh Jeans, Where Art Thou?

Guh, it’s been so hot and dry and dusty and smoky outside this week.  What is this, the Dust Bowl?!  This air quality got me out onto the streets of Vancouver documenting the feeling around town these days.  These authentic 2018 images were taken just yesterday with an iPhone 6. #nofilter

Granville Street:

dusty town

My (landlord’s) front lawn:

front lawn

Lawn ornaments found in community gardens:


Selfie of me in my garden: (nothing to do with the weather…everything to do with my lack of a green thumb)


Post-yoga, pre-brunch Kitsilano girl squad:


Off to the aquarium!


Olympic Village dog park:

lawn ornament

Rascals at the Trout Lake Farmers’ Market:


Mount Pleasant hazy boyz:

main st boyz

Tourists in line at Mom’s Grilled Cheese food truck:


Instagrammer overlooking False Creek:


Hanging out at Sunset Beach: (currently unswimable)

beach goers

Abandoned Car2Go on Boundary Road: (because you sure as heck don’t dare take it any further east)


Oh look, I see some blue sky now!  Thank goodness!  Let’s celebrate with JEANS.  🙂


Just to be clear, I don’t think these pictures are or the Great Depression was funny, I’m just making jokes here, ok?  I’m just a silly idiot with access to the internet.

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