St. Elmo’s Jeans

Good news!  You can breathe easy knowing that tomorrow you can wear JEANS to work.
Bad News:  You can’t breathe easy because half of Western Canada is on fire and with an air quality alert of 10, it’s equivalent to smoking 7 cigarettes a day.

With so many wildfires are out of control these days, thankfully there is someone who is working tirelessly to remind people of fire safety…SMOKEY THE BEAR!


So sweet with his woodland friends, all smiling and cheerful.


But he means business!

smokey abs

Just look at this cuddly, jeans-wearing, shirtless bear with…abs?  Am I attracted to this fictional bear cartoon?!?  No, no, no!

Yes, right, I need to learn more about him first.  What’s his story?


Obviously he’s very brave, defending his cubs with his strong bear biceps (bearceps). Is he a single dad?!


He obviously has a very tender heart under that furry ranger exterior, teaching his cubs that “lit” doesn’t necessarily mean a good time.

But if you cross him and his cubs and his woodland friends by burning their home to the ground, WATCH. YOUR. BACK.


This is when the bear claws come out — Revenant-style.  You think Leo got it bad, wait until there are cubs involved.

(This poster is so sad it almost makes me cry. But I’m an overly emotional person with an attraction to cartoon bears.)

Well look at that!  He has a cabin on a lake… don’t mind if I do!  I think we’d be very happy together here.  Paradise!


Oh wait — nope, he’s in the States.  Not going down there, thanks!   Sorry, Smokey, it was great while it lasted.  I will heed your words, but not your love.  Also, I’m trying to get away from fictional cartoon guys these days.  They’re very unreliable.


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