Wind Beneath My Jeans

Finally it’s Thursday! You can relax your slacks for the week because tomorrow is FRIDAY!

As the inevitable season change begins bringing cooler air and rain, it’s looking like this will be the first of many indoor weekends.  And what better way to spend a weekend indoors than by CRAFTING!  Here are some of the internet’s most hideous jean DIYs: shredsOk, not the worst, but still – why?  What…what is this?  I’ll tell you.  It’s what most DIYs end up being – old garbage turned into slightly different garbage.

Well these certainly are…original.  I mean, if you really need to be wearing jeans throughout all seasons, I guess this is one way to do it.  Keep your ankles warm…but not your toes.  And wear pants, without wearing pants because ugh, pants.


“Nana used to love sitting in this wicker chair, wearing her denim shirt and pearls, sneezing into her hanky. May you always sit on wicker, Nana, on that great porch in the sky.”
You even can insert the urn of her ashes through the neck hole if you want a more authentic Nana pillow.


Alright, everybody settle down! It’s true, you too can have jeans with chains on them AND you can make them yourself! Get moving, next Friday will be Chains Jeans Day to celebrate…the International Day of Peace? How appropriate.


Almost as horrifying as the planters made of jeans is this…chair?  Or whatever it is.  What is this?!?  It looks neither comfortable nor very visually appealing.  But it’s yet another way to repurpose pants!  There’s something so unsettling about this thing… spider leggy or something.  *shudder*


And finally, because decent slippers are hard to find/make/are so expensive, here’s a pair of homemade slippers for your flippers.  Now you can hide your webbed Donald Duck feet in these inconspicuously shaped pockets.

donald 2

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