Young Frankenjeans

Happy Thursday!  Guess what?! Tomorrow is Friday 😀
Since Halloween is only 20 days away (!!), I’ve got some office appropriate/themed or jeans themed costumes to help INSPIRE you.



Drench yourself in denim! I’ve done Rosie twice, myself.  Let me take you back a few years…

The date was October 30, 2012.  It was a rainy day, as they are this time of the year, and it was my second week of work here. I was as fresh as a pie cooling on a window sill.  The HR dame came over to me, legs up to here and charm to spare, and asked if I had any questions. Of course I did, I was a newbie. I asked “do people dress up for Halloween around here?” I wasn’t too concerned with her answer, I was going to dress up regardless.  “Sure”, she chirped, “you can if you want, kid.”
And so I did.  And I was the best damn Rosie the Riveter anyone this side of town has seen.



Eeeehhhhhh!  It’s Fonzie! Gee whiz, now here’s a guy that everyone can get on board with!



Group costume idea?! The bonus is that you’d get to wear overalls, the most comfy of all pants!


jim & pam

Anything from The Office.  Jim & Pam, Jim & Pam on Halloween, Dwight, etc. etc.  So many iconic phrases to go with this option too! 


I think we can all relate to this situation.  If it’s not TPS Reports, it’s prebills, or any of the 800,000 other forms that we need to compete/get approved/submit, ASAP. Did you get that memo?

Also known as 1980s business guy, I’m sure some of you even have these key wardrobe pieces in your closets still, so I’m gonna need you to go ahead and make sure you get this costume going.


HP robes

Ok, so not everyone can wear jeans/a costume to work on Halloween, but I know for a FACT that there are a lot of barristers’ robes hanging around here.  So throw on a sweater vest and tie, and robe up!  You’re a wizard now.

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