The Boondock Jeans

Well, now that the best part of the year has come and gone (siiiiiiiiiigh), I guess we’ll just have to focus on today being All Saints Day…

All Saints

No, not that All Saints. Sorry.
…and tomorrow is All Souls Day, for those who subscribe.  All three days of Halloween, November 1 & 2 are celebrated as Dia de los Muertos in Mexico.  A colourful, magical, spooky experience that I one day hope to experience first-hand.  And I’ll be looking to meet some fun characters like these:


Party boy Chad. He’ll be clattering down the street, shirtless, with a beer bong in his hands/mouth, hitting on all the women while simultaneously grossing them out.  What a mess.

silly skull

Slightly Uncertain Sue.  It’s the shrugged shoulders.  It’s funny, right?

“Uhhhha, hi. Excuse me, hi, sorry, could you please direct me to the nearest el baňo? I ate too much authentic Mexican bean dip and…well you know. Heh heh.”

star trek

This pop culture reference from Star Trek or Stargate or something.  I don’t know, a show with lasers and space.  You know, one of those space franchises that refuses to fade away and now that it’s owned by Disney, there will be a new movie out every Christmas?  Yeah that one.  Pew pew!

The party drug backpacker twins.  Ohhhh these people are fun to talk to for, like, 4 minutes, and then they are just EXHAUSTING.  They need no encouragement to keep talking.  And hugging.  No one wants to hear about your spiritual awakening through your ethically non-monogamous polyamorous relationships with people all across the world while dancing to some straight up noisey E.D.M. for longer than that.

Set of sugar skulls and design elements. Day of the Dead. Skull

Aaaaaand this guy.  Cool beard guy checking out the spooky scene with a homemade single batch artisanal bourbon in hand and a three-button vest on chest.  This is extra funny for me because he’s a dead ringer (haha, yeah I punned) for my ex…who would also be drinking some homemade single batch B.S. while twirling his spindly moustache. What a dink.



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