Jeans n Roses

Ok despite the brilliant weather this last week, I’m going to be a big butthead and rain on the parade.
Ya’ll ready for this?!


No, neither am I.  But just remember…(read in your best kombucha-drinking positivity guru voice)

shut up

Uhhg, shut up.
It’s coming and we know it.  Yes, that cold November rain is blowing in.


So when you’re walking down the aisle to your one and only beloved in this:


Remember that your legs might get cold.  And also know that when you’re drunk on champagne with your bridesmaids at the dress shop, you will make an impulsive dress choice…even though your legs DO look amazing and the world DOES deserve to see them because you’re a beautiful, strong woman!  …It’s ok, happens to the best of us.  Nothin’ lasts forever, and we all know minds can change, now that you’re sober and quite chilly, in the cold November rain.


Luckily, this dude ^ (AKA Dracula’s cousin) understands you fully.  So if you want to love him, then darlin’ don’t refrain or he’ll just end up walkin’ in the cold November rain (or sun as it currently stands).  That’s why you got this tattoo:


I feel like we all should have that tattooed on our forearms, for our own sanity.  But my GnR lust got away from me and I got this piece instead (when it’s this big and artistic, you call it a “piece”) :


Whoops. Gonna be a tough winter.

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