The Great Jeansby

Well whaddya know, it’s Thursday again.  And tomorrow is FRIDAY aka Jeans Day!

Our staff Holiday Party is also tomorrow, and like many holiday parties you also may be attending, it is NOT a jeans-friendly party.   So remember to step it up a notch, lest you head over to a fancy hotel and enter a fancy ballroom full of fancy co-workers and feel like a fancy fool.

Formal Fashion Hints From Furry Friends:


Oh she knows how fancy she is, and she will NOT let you forget it.  I bet she calls everyone “babe” in a demanding tone.


This otter, who lives in the wild, was so determined to look dapper that they found themselves a cane. Surely you can do at least that.  A walking stick or wizard’s staff or something.

Even nature’s naturally fanciest can kick it up a notch.  The penguin is giving me strong Neil Patrick Harris at the Oscars/Tonys/any-chance-he-can-get vibes.  I’m sure that guy carries tap shoes in his back pocket.


Whether solving sea mysteries by day, or reading a newspaper fireside by night, this timeless look has dapper written all over it.  And let’s face it, our ensembles need to be almost as waterproof as this dolphin’s.


Ah, the monocle!  Is there any single accessory that SCREAMS high-class elegance louder?  Nope!  Ask Mr. Peanut:03





Name a classier food. I DARE YOU.


[I have such an interesting/concerning internet search history… on my work computer]


So don’t be a meerkat in a toque, be a peanut with a monocle, and strut your stuff like a peacock with a cane.  Party on!

PLEASE: Don’t drink & drive,  take a cab home.   🙂

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