Jeansapple Express

It’s a sunny Thursday afternoon, practically sunset, and time for another edition of the Jeans Day Weekly!  Tomorrow is Jeans Day, so don your dandiest dungarees and maybe even a festive sweater.  🙂

Last Friday was our office holiday party and, thanks to alcohol, I saw some great dance moves and am now hypothetically betrothed to several sons, so…yeah.  Cool…

Did you know that we are smack in the middle of Hanukkah right now?!  It’s day 6 (ok, it’s past halfway) tonight.  Which means this weekend is gonna be…


You love it, don’t lie.
I’m sure our regional favourite Jewish boy Seth Rogan will be getting lit too – in more ways than one…


But it’s legal now, so who even cares.  My parents are more excited about legal pot than I am.
And in case you weren’t POSITIVE that he’s Jewish…


He did dress up as “Pikajew” for Halloween one year.   So…yes.  Jewish. 100%.

But if you’re celebrating too hard with latkes, sufganiyot, cocktails, or a Seth Rogan Special, be sure to hop the bus or train home to fully round out your Seth-perience.


As the friendly, upbeat voice of Translink, he’ll remind you to be a decent human being on transit and almost fool you into believing that taking the bus is fun!  Until you are violently jolted back to reality by someone coughing straight into your mouth and realize that IT IS NOT. EVER.  These are the faces Seth makes when you ask him if he ever actually takes transit when back in town…


No?  Didn’t think so.  Stop trying to fool the financially impaired rat-racers that commuting is fun!

Now enjoy this oldie but goody from Adam Sandler.


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