Bridget Jeans’ Diary

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
We are back to our regular schedules and ready to hit the floor running as the new and improved versions of ourselves.  Because as everyone knows, when the New Year hits, you get to start from scratch, as if nobody knows anything about your previous 2018 life, to manifest your own, magical destiny! …right?  Maybe we’ll just start with some hot fashion-inspired resolutions, fresh off the runway.

RESOLUTION #1:  More patches.

trends 2

No need to strive for perfect in your wardrobe or life.  Just do your best, that’s all any of us can ever ask for.
And look, all the coolest kids have patches on their jeans.  The more, the better.  Just ask these little trendsetters:


So chic.  And they were doing it in the 30s, waaaaaaay before any of us could claim this trend.

RESOLUTION #2: Be more voluminous.

more jean than woman

I mean, she’s more denim than woman.  And we should ALL BE.  Be the most YOU that you can be.  Maybe channel your inner Whitney from the 80s and resolve to dance with somebody.  Maybe you want to feel the heat with somebody.  With somebody who loves you.


RESOLUTION #3: Be more eco-conscious.

 THIS is why we need to resolve to A) stop using so much plastic! And B) make sure to cut up the plastic 6-pack rings before tossing them out.  A poor turtle or supermodel can easily get caught in these haphazardly discarded things, ruining their innocent lives.  Utterly heartbreaking.  Be less wasteful.

RESOLUTION #4: Always be prepared.

trends 2019

The apocalypse is coming.  That’s just a fact (see #3 re plastic).  So get ready by hoarding jeans so that you can construct a denim wardrobe to fight for your survival in.


This suddenly got very dark.  But even if our wardrobes aren’t quite prepared, at least we ourselves can always be prepared with open arms to all the wonderful opportunities the universe offers.  Awwwww, I just made you shed a tear, didn’t I?

2019 IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING YEAR!  I promise am mostly sure!

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