Lego Jeans Movie


Here we are again, another glorious, sunny Thursday afternoon!  And tomorrow is Jeans Day.

Over the holidays I saw several fun children, and several childhood friends.  It made me feel very nostalgic for the “good ol’ days” of my youth which have since been trampled to death under the crippling weight of adult responsibilities, societal expectations, and ALL THE EMOTIONS.  Things were simpler way back when.  Blocks were blocks…


Raw wood.  Naked with nothing to prove.  Vulnerable and fearless.

Then came along Lego — a game-changer.  A new means by which to explore the vast wilderness of our imaginations.

It still resulted in some crude depictions of “chickens” and “people”, but if you could dream it, you could build it.  Was/is that the Lego slogan?!  BECAUSE IT SHOULD BE.

Now Lego has become as complicated as adult life, and equally as expensive!  Look at this —


That’s a $450 TAJ MA-FREAKING-HAL!  Are the bricks made out of marble?!  This would take hours, days even, and the instructions are probably as thick as a phone book (if you remember what that is).
…but wait…
…perhaps the complexity of this Lego is the fun of it?  Maybe Lego keeps growing to continue engaging it’s ever aging demographic?  Of course!

That’s it!  Because without these new and challenging stacks of blocks, we’d become bored with life – I mean Lego.  We need challenge to grow.  We need this many options for jeans on Lego people:

Then every time you finish building something insane like the Sydney Opera House…


…you can think, “Wow that was hard, but I did it.  What’s next, universe?!” because we are marvelously complex human beings who strive to know and be more! So many wonderful options, the world is ours for the exploring!  I GET IT NOW, what it means to be human!!  Thank you, Lego.

You’re all getting some real insight into the intricate nuances of my psyche.  Now get out there and SEIZE THE DAY!

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