An American Werewolf in Jeans

Another Thursday under our belts, which means that tomorrow we get to enjoy the treat of a Friday Jeans Day!

Did you know that the first full moon on the year, which happens Sunday night, is a Super Blood Wolf Moon?!  Which means a full moon lunar eclipse that falls roughly within the time of wolf mating season — Hubba hubba!  And in a deeper sense of things, “it’s a good time to contemplate what things — ideas, habits, practices — you may wish to leave behind, and what you want to bring into your life and build upon for the year to come”, so look to the sky at about 9:00 Sunday night and re-evaluate your resolution.

When you’re taking a break from howling at the moon this weekend, perhaps cuddle up in a heap of blankets with your favourite werewolf fiction (as opposed to the werewolf non-fiction you’ve no doubt been deep into).  Here are some popular best sellers:


Classic horror novel written in 1933 involving a misunderstood hairy man preforming CPR on women in the streets Paris. Who says bad things always happen in Paris?!  And he’s wearing a suit because he’s a GENTLEMAN…and it is Paris.


This 1983 novel is the only book that I actually believe would be on a best seller list because it’s by Stephen King.  And yes, it has already been adapted into movie called Silver Bullet in 1985, so let’s face it, we can just skip right ahead to that instead.


Themes include: A hunger that cannot be satiated, forbidden lust, fate, living two lives and/or between two worlds, shirtlessness, tortured souls, and…uh…doing it. *eyebrows, eyebrows* This is the third of SIX installments of this literary saga, so thank your lucky stars for that.


“One bite and everything changes” – the main reason why it’s so important to stay on top of our rabies vaccinations.  Let this cautionary tale be a lesson to us all, lest any of us find ourselves in some sort of wild, lusty, violent loosely-based-on-ancient-folklore situation.


full moon rising

“Half vampire, half werewolf, all trouble…” – UH YEAH. Obviously.  But the author’s other book “Kind Guys with Great Credit and Sensible Cars” was far less popular, so here we are.  Give the people what they want – a combination of the two WORST creatures who probably ride motorcycles and don’t give a shoot about anyone a la The Lost Boys.  Gawd, that’s sexy.


*Sigh*. First of all, the world doesn’t need more teenage forbidden love stories.  These can’t be healthy.  Secondly, do werewolves even have souls that they would find a mate for?  Does Jacque (which I imagine is a creative way of spelling “Jackie”) have to become a werewolf too in order to see this romance through?  Why should she have to give up her life to be with him?  SO MANY QUESTIONS.  Listen Jacque, piece of advice, date someone who says they dressed up because they knew they’d be seeing you today, and thinks your awkwardness is charming. I assume you’re awkward, Jacque.  Your name is Jacque, after all.  (No offence to all the Jacques out there)

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