Varsity Jeans

Happy Thursday!  And the last day of January….WHAT?!
And this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, so here are all the things I know about FOOTBALL:

  1. It’s a sport
  2. There’s a weird shaped ball involved
  3. It is VERY popular in the US

“We Don’t have Coke. Is Pepsi ok?”

The only time of year that Pepsi seems to be winning the popularity contest over Coca Cola is during the Super Bowl.  Remember these iconic commercials?


DIRECTOR: Ok ladies, now you’re going to take a swig from the Pepsi cans—
BEYONCE: I’m sorry, do what with this can of poison?
DIRECTOR:  Have a drink of the Pepsi—
BRITNEY:  Do you have any Coke?
DIRECTOR: *sigh* No.  Just pretend like you drink Pepsi all the time.
PINK: Like this! *chugs whole can*


I don’t have any dialogue for this. Cindy is probably just daydreaming about whatever it is that beautiful people daydream about.  Jewels, maybe? Haute couture fashion? Taking a bubble bath and sipping champagne surrounded by marble?

Is there anything cuter than Betty White playing football with the guys?  Nope.
But then she eats a Snickers and she’s magically transformed back into a young guy who was just a little hangry.  Women of the world, just THINK about what we could accomplish by eating more Snickers bars and transforming from frail ladies into young able-bodied men!  Oooooooooo, political.  No, that’s not actually the message of their ad campaign, I’m just being a difficult woman.  Blame my erratic hormones.

“I’m on a horse”


Still one of my all-time favourite commercials – Old Spice.  This commercial apparently just skyrocketed this guy into fame.  I mean, 15  minutes of commercial brand fame touring night clubs, but that’s still a kind of fame. But when Old Spice realized that people responded well to ripped abs, they went to the EXTREME and hired Terry Crews instead.  And you can’t go up from there.



The Budweiser “Wazzap” commercials of 1999 – 2002 could be considered iconic, but mostly they were also just THE WORST.  Remember how anyone in their teens and 20s would answer the phone with an obnoxious “WAZZAAAP?!”  We were so annoying.  I’m sorry to have brought this up again.  I’m a bad person.


Well these are cute!  Fantasy football helmets.  Ha, get it?!  Ok, I’m done.  GO TEAMS!

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