Charlotte’s Jeans

Welcome to the February 7th edition of the Jeans Day Weekly!  Tomorrow is JEANS DAY and you get to wear your crispest blues to work.

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!  2019 is the Year of the Pig which reminds me of a story… (cue dream sequence music)

Once upon a time, in a land not unlike a Disney fairytale, but also like a Leonard Bernstein musical, there lived a tiger named Tiger and her three little piglet wards.  The piglets befriended Tiger after each of their HAND BUILT houses had been blown down by a malicious wolf, and Tiger, a strict vegetarian, swore she would keep the piglets safe. The piglets greatly appreciated Tiger’s protection, as well as her exquisite vegetarian cooking.


They became so close that they even started dressing the same AND got matching tattoos!

One day, the tiniest of the piglets, Albert, decided that he was ready to move out of Tiger’s den to try to make a name for himself as a classical Shakespearean actor like his idol Patrick Stewart.


He thanked Tiger for her kindness and caring, handed her his tiny striped sweater, and bid his family adieu (ugh, actors).  As Albert was out apartment hunting in the big city, he found that he was quite cold and missed his sweater.  All he could find to wear were rain boots, which actually proved very practical in this West Coast climate, but he missed that sweater. (He missed his family too, but he put on a brave face for the sake of his DREAMS)


In an effort to find his own sense of style, he went shopping and began trying out different looks.  One of his favourites was his Western wear.


It made him feel like a pig of the land, and gave him the confidence to get into – that’s right – cosplay.

Albert dressed up as Harry Pigter’s Dumbleboar, Swinederella, and Minnie Sow (just to name a few) for various comic-con events.  As you can tell, Albert does not believe in the traditional gender “norms” of modern society.  He does whatever makes him feel happiest.  And although a far cry from acting, Albert felt like cosplay was what he was actually meant to do and made him happiest.  After all, there is no shame in having ever-evolving dreams and ambitions.

Anyway, after several years doing the comic-con circuits, Albert eventually decided to return to his roots.  He purchased a 20 acre farm outside the city of Saskatoon where he settled into a relaxed life of jeans and suspenders with his life partner Puff the Squirrel.

Albert’s family came to visit them for all major holidays and never over-stayed their welcome.  They enjoyed many cuddles, just like old times.  And just as his life began, Albert found the most comfort and joy in inter-species friendships.  Some things never change.  🙂

1996                                        2018


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