The Cat in the Jeans

Merry Thursday everyone!   May the spirit of another dungaree day / Friday be with you all!  Today is the last day of February, which means…

Tomorrow it is March 1st and many believe
That springtime is nearing and winter may leave.

Goodbye jackets, umbrellas, and traffic head-pains!
Out snow pools! Out rain piles! Come sunshine again!


Hip hop into March and glib grab a spoon,
If you love peanut butter you’ll be over the moon!


PB lovers celebrate their National Day
By filling their bellies the old fashioned way—

sam I am

On green eggs and ham!  Huzzah, what a treat!
So come join the party!  Hurry your flip floppy feet!


Who else might you see at a PB parade,
Celebrating his birthday on exactly this day?


Justin Bieber, the Biebster, Mr. Bieberly Beibs,
Blows out 25 candles on a cake made of cheese!

But the best guest of honour at this weekending’s feasts
Of red fish, blue fish, and legs of roast beast…


On the 2nd of March we make mischief and play
In a magical, mythical, Seussical way

For the Sovereign of Silly, the Ruler of Rhyme,
The Doctor named Seuss, who made books so sublime.


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