First Jeans’ Club

Guess what?! Tomorrow is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!  So the theme of this week’s Jeans Day Weekly is a Celebration of Queens in Jeans!

Beauty Queens and Rodeo Queens, simultaneously making the world a little prettier and taming cranky old studs.


Celebrate the Hard-Working Mom Queens – we all have them, and maybe you are one, biological or otherwise, and they’ve SAVED OUR DAMN LIVES on the regular.  And the Business Queens who spend their days slamming their hands onto desks and fighting for causes they believe in.

And of course, the actual Queen.  A rare sight on the beach in… jeans…?  (I hope they recreate this look for The Crown.)


And also Drag Queens who make our lives more colourful, and our makeup routines far more complicated.

And for the Transgender Queens for reminding us that womanhood is individual, and that it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your swimsuit areas because, really, that ain’t nobody’s business!


[These are all transgender supermodels, so eat your hearts out!]

Celebrate for the Refugee Queens who are new to this land and the Indigenous Queens who we share it with, all fighting for the chance for their families and loved ones to be safe and free from oppression.

To all the Cis Queens, Queer Queens (Queerns!), the rich and poor Queens, and the entire vast spectrum of self-identifying women in every single culture who are making the world a better place for us all to call home.  Read more about some fascinating, amazing (mostly) Canadian women here!

It’s not us against the world, we’re all in this together, equally.  HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!!


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