Star Trek: The Next Jeaneration

My little bumble bees!  I’m so sorry I forgot to send this yesterday so you probably forgot that today is Friday Jeans Day… sometimes my damn job gets in the way.

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day and I, for one, am not into Granville Street shenanigans, but will instead be celebrating another Patrick….SIR PATRICK STEWART!

I mean, yeah, he looks great in jeans, but that’s not why we all love him (we all love him, by the way).  Especially if you’ve seen this picture of him performing as Oberon the fairy king in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


WOW, such…talent!  He really emBODIES the role.
That was in the 70s, and he STILL was mostly bald.  Just another reason to love him – he makes being bald COOL!

He also dressed in drag for a TV appearance which was both hilarious and very, very terrifying. This is when you wish your TV wasn’t HD.  Yikes.


He’s a classically trained Shakespearean actor AND he’s got a great sense of humour.  If you haven’t seen him on Ricky Gervais’ old show Extras, it’s a HILARIOUS episode.  They all are.

He also has a very deep and very real bromance with Sir Ian McKellen. They have been BFFs since meeting on the first X-Men movie in 1999 and they call each other “Sir Ian” and “Sir Patrick”, as all British knights do.

And they kiss on the lips.  DEAL WITH IT.  Sir Patches will kiss anyone, even Conan.

But especially his wife, with whom he is super in love…


True love.  There’s that famous gaze of his, hard at work…
Oh, and the guy hardly ages!  Seriously.  His eyes are still as potent as ever.  (Are we all in love with Sir Patrick?!  Yes. Yes, we are)


So this Sunday, raise your glasses to Sir Patrick — the greatest Patrick of them all!




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