Jeansward Bound

HAPPY SPRING TIME!!  Mmmm, it feels so good.  And guess what tomorrow is?!  Another glorious JEANS DAY!

Tomorrow is National Goof Off Day, a day I celebrate weekly it seems, and Saturday is National Puppy Day.  So to commemorate these two very important occasions, this week’s Jeans Day Weekly is a celebration of GOOFY PUPPIES!  And before anyone mentions that Disney’s Goofy fits this description to a tee, I ventured down the internet rabbit hole of “Is Goofy a dog?”, “If Goofy is a dog, and Pluto is a dog, then why can’t they both walk and talk?”, and “Goofy is the only Disney character who has a kid, which means…” – and I emerged feeling disturbed about my feelings on Goofy.  So I’m leaving that for a chat with my therapist instead.


I relate too well with this dog.  There isn’t a bakery in town whose windows I haven’t tasted in an attempt to sample the goods within.  It is not effective.  But I will never stop.
Sorry if this image makes you crave donuts.  If anyone wants to go slobber on the windows at Cartems, you know where to find me.


Do I relate to this dog too?!  YES.  If the meal was tasty, you better believe I’ll lick my dishes clean to get every last bit of that delicious dish.  Maybe I’m just too AMAZING a cook. (Not likely)  Also, I don’t have a dishwasher, so really I’m just doing my future self a favour by a pre-washing.  This dog gets that and is taking initiative.


Just LOOK at this tiny puppy living out her dream!  How’d she get in there?!  I can’t even! What a clever little rascal.
While I’ve never actually jumped into my food, I have dreamt about it.  Swimming in a pool of guacamole (at no extra charge), or rolling down a mountain of donuts in my mansion’s vault a la Scrooge McDuck.  Those dreams are the best.  Now if only I could have more of those dreams, and fewer wandering-in-a-parkade dreams.  Someone analyze me.


Hmmm, also relate to this stupid-face because I also cannot pose properly for a picture.  HAHA, look at that face! I want to kiss this derp-nugget right on the snoot.


Oh.  My.  Goodness.  This little idiot apparently has a very strong opinion on baths.  Or maybe just a deep affection for vintage yellow tubs?  Either way, a strong opinion. And great plank pose.  Probably has a killer CORE.

And finally…this goofy goober:

goofy dog

What even is this?!  Was that a sentence?   I’m at a loss for words.  Who and why and how?  Strong brow game.  HAHAHA!

Have a GOOFY DAY!!

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