Puss in Jeans

It’s a bright and sunny Thursday afternoon. Perfect for celebrating Respect Your Cat Day and tomorrow being Jeans Day!

I’m more of a dog person myself, but really just I love animals.  And while I dream of a more open-minded and tolerant world, accepting of the pet-friendly office, in our current occupational climate, that is unfortunately just not our reality.

But this is the Jeans Day Weekly and reality is not a thing here!  So here is your cat-friendly office dream sequence.


Your morning commute is slow because you are stuck in that Highway 1 traffic.  Except that today you get to use the HOV lane because you have a passenger. Burt loves going to work with you!  You wish you shared this sentiment, but alas, it’s Monday.


You and Burt arrive at the office and head to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and catch up on all the hot goss from the office chatter boxes around the water coolers.  There are three water coolers in this dream sequence because everyone is very dedicated to being hydrated.


You get to your desk and remember you have that huge binder of legal research to review.  Ugh.  Luckily, there’s someone to help you turn the pages.  And also help keep your crippling anxiety under control with their constant need for pets.  🙂


Oh jeez, so much filing to do today.  Wait a sec, Lieutenant James T. Claw, already did it all and is now taking a snooze in your filing thing?!  Such a helpful little soldier.


Ah, but there are many other things to do today.  Now where are my pens and that to-do list I made….
Oh there they are.

Gary keeps your desk organized better than any pen cup ever could, and you can always rely on Taylor to prioritize all your deadlines.

And when the your computer is frozen and all the copiers around you are breaking down, you know who to call –


Calista the rescue cat!  As in, she’s rescuing YOU from tech distress.
“Press this button for double-sided. Click this to check the toner levels. Now pet my head.”

And at the end of the day, when the clock strikes 5, you know you have to go home because Storm does not like you working overtime.  This little rain cloud is just looking out for your own well-being.  And making sure you shut down your computer so it can install new updates.


And off you go, commuting home in the HOV lane… happily ever after.  The end.


So relaxing, right?!  Now get back to work! The reality is it’s only Thursday and there are no pets allowed here.

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