Jeans Amigos

Well, well, well, look what we have here.  Yet another Thursday under our belts, which means tomorrow must be Jeans Day!

It looks like this weekend is going to be grey and wet, with a nap index that’ll be through the roof!  What better way to spend those dreary days than wrapped up like a BURRITO!

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘burrito’ as “a flour tortilla rolled or folded around a filling”.  Tortilla = blankie.  Filling = YOU.


I hope the inventor of this blanket won a Nobel Prize for this idea.  THAT is doing some good in a world that sometimes feels like eating the last few bites of a huge burrito — A DAMN MESS.


I didn’t make this image, but I wish I did.  I cannot count the number of times I have closed my eyes and held a warm burrito against my body pretending it was the warmth of another human.  HAHAHA, JUST KIDDING!!!

I want a burrito so bad now.  An actual burrito.  That’s not a metaphor or euphemism for anything, just… nevermind.


baberrito <– Baberrito

birdritto  <– Birdrrito

hedgehog  <– Hedgerrito

batritto  <– Flying Fox Batrrito Combo

bunritto <– Sleepy Bunrrito

cat <– Triple-decker Catrrito Bowl

frenchie <– Sullen French Dogrrito

toy <– Cutetitos?! What the actual F?!

Is it true that all you have to do to work at a toy company is micro-dose on magic mushrooms and then spitball your “inspired” ideas around a boardroom table?!  Because that’s what it seems like!  And I imagine the same goes for coming up with most kids’ cartoons.

Also, the Jeans Day Weekly will be on a two-week vacation, so you will have to keep track of Fridays are on your own for a bit.  BYYYEEEEE!

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