The Giving Jeans

Hi my little chickens.  I’m back and…well, I’m back.  And tomorrow is JEANS DAY!

Tomorrow is also Arbor Day, a day to celebrate TREES!  I love trees.  When I’m depressed because my life is falling apart, I try to remember to head into the woods to be healed by the trees.  It’s scientifically proven that trees are good for our health!  In Japan, people practice “forest bathing”, or as I like to call it shinrin-yoku because now that I’ve been to Japan, I can sound like a pretentious dink about it.  Forest Bathing “is a way to support well-being through sensory immersion in forests [through] …full-bodied breath taking in the aromas of the woods, observing the branches and lush undergrowth of a forest, and listening to water run.”  Uhh, YES ONEGAISHIMASU!
(That means “please” for those of you who haven’t had the privilege.)

I’m hoping that on my forest healing journeys I’ll come across something whimsical like– oh what’s this…

vanŒs 0012

Why, it’s a tree wearing jeans.  Naturally.  Are trees feeling shame now?!   Noooo!  Not them too!


Oh another one, in a cheeky Captain Morgan pose.  No shame here.

vanŒs 0017

And another! Forget the trendy woodsmen, these trees are making fashion waves of their own.  I am INTO it.  Not like that, perv-o.

jeans vinter 0590

Someone found a use for these asymmetrical jeans! I don’t think the tree is that thrilled about it either.

These dressed trees were actually part of an art piece by Peter Coffin called “Untitled [Tree Pants]”.  Ugh, “Untitled”… speaking of pretentious.

Ok that’s it. Arigato for reading!

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