A Jean is Born

A pleasant Thursday afternoon to you all. Just a cordial reminder that tomorrow is JEANS DAY.  This week’s Jeans Day Weekly is looking at some hot blockbusters (do people still say “blockbuster”?) coming out in June.


 Oh mama, am I ever excited for this movie!  What’s not to like about a movie involving a chick who possesses more power than she knows?!  Here is Jean Grey in grey jeans.  Ok, they’re blue.  OR ARE THEY?!  *POOF, spontaneously combusts*

jean grey GODZILLA

Oh good, another Godzilla + other monsters movie! The perfect opportunity to stomp around the city in this matching denim ensemble.  You’ll be the belle of the monster ball!


 DISNEY:  These live action remakes of our 90s movies aren’t satiating the nostalgia of the now 30-40-year-old audience and the subsequent generation the way we anticipated.

PIXAR:  This is kind of an act of desperation, but I guess we could do another Toy Story……

DISNEY:  Yes!  There’s still some story left in that cow. Let’s milk it for all its worth!  Ka-CHING!

VANS:  We’ve got a better idea…

Now those are ADORABLE.


Ooooo, you know that this movie is just going to be creepy as HECK.  Horror remakes don’t mess around.  Neither does Chucky when it comes to his jeans.


Always on the cutting edge of fashion with his ripped overalls.  Remember to sunscreen under those rips, Buddi.


If this bio pic about Elton John is as awesome as Bohemian Rhapsody, I’m in!  I thought it might be difficult to find pictures of Elton John in jeans…

Boy, was I wrong!  He certainly knows how to wear denim unlike anyone I’ve ever seen.  What a legend.

The well of my creative brain is running dry this week.  Listen, they can’t ALL be winners.  Cut me some darn slack!  Wear jeans tomorrow and be happy about it.

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