I Know What You Did Last Jeans Day

Tomorrow is also the Summer Solstice, the day of the year with the most daylight hours!  How will you celebrate?

Maybe you’ll celebrate with some traditional bannock / fry bread since it’s also National Indigenous People’s Day in Canada.


Or will you dance around a Maypole like the Celtic and Scandinavians who just appreciate a good ol’ fashioned hand-holding dance?  Who doesn’t?!  Flowers in the hair are require.


By (again) putting flowers in your hair and dancing naked around a fire with your coven celebrating the Wiccan Sabbat of Litha? Just kidding, you don’t have to be naked.  But you do need flowers in your hair.


Perhaps you will catch up on all your conspiracy theories about Stonehenge, Easter Island, and the Great Pyramids, and how they were built by a superior alien race that humans saw as gods, and how those great structures were built to align with the sun on the days of the solstices to communicate with said gods and they still do, even to this day due to such precise geometry and ALIENS.

But I know most of you will be exercising your rights to free speech as you, yet again, try to convince the rest of us that the Earth is flat.  Which makes complete sense since the North Pole sits roughly at the center of the planetary disc (extreme eye roll), while Antarctica forms a giant ice wall along the planet’s circumference (my eyes already hurt too much from that last roll). And while a fool like me might envision the sun as an enormous ball of exploding gas 150 million Km away, a Flat-Earther would see it as a teeny, tiny spotlight about 52 Km in diameter, hovering about 5,000 Km over the Earth, depending on the month.   Ohhhh I get it, like a bobbing, flaming helium balloon on a string, the sun just bounces around creating light and the change in seasons.


Sure.  (my eyes just popped straight out of my skull)

I’m never out to offend anyone with these emails, but if you’re a Flat-Earther…  I… don’t get you.



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