So I Married a Jeans Murderer

This weekend is the CANADA DAY long weekend!  Woo woo woo!  So let’s celebrate the way only Canadians can!

  1. Wear all your plaid flannel and pretend you enjoy sleeping on the ground out in the true north, strong and free.  That’s what I’ll be doing.  I love waking up with sore bones!  CANADA!


  2. Go axe throwing like a lumberjack.  Or an axe murderer.  Then watch So I Married an Axe Murderer starring one of my personal favourite Canadian comedians, Mike Myers.


  3. Get frostbite.  Ok it might be a little late for this one, and also we’re
    not in the right climate.  But if you’re truly committed, there are ways.


  4. Say “sorry” when someone aggressively rams you on the street.  So damn apologetic!  Sorry for swearing.


  5. Crack an ice cold beer and play (street) hockey.

  6. High five your indigenous friends and say “wow, are we ever fortunate to be able to enjoy this place we call Canada together!”


  7. Eat some ketchup and all-dressed chips and a box of Smarties, and wash it all down with a (gross) double-double from Timmy’s.  Mmmmm…All-Dressed, BABY!

  8. Celebrate John A. MacDonald being taken off our ten dollar bill and replaced with the much more deserving Viola Desmond.  Hooray for progress!


  9. Celebrate your own cultural upbringing because Canada is a beautiful mosaic of people 🙂


  10. Pay for everything in loonies and toonies this weekend.  People will love that.

Now enjoy this cheeky, completely stereotype-free video on how to be Canadian.



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