The Adventures of Milo & Ojeans

Happy Thursday,  8th day of the 8th month, Jeans Day Eve.

Well, well, well, it seems that today is International Cat Day, and I know A LOT of you are cat fans, so…FAMOUS CATS!


Grumpy Cat, famous for ALWAYS looking grumpy.  With looks that could kill…any happy thoughts in your mind.  He is miserable and so then will you be, BITCH!

garfi angry cat

Gee whiz, who WOULDN’T want this cat.  This little ray of sunshine is named Garfi the Angry Cat and he has resting jerk face.  What an utter delight to wake up to every morning.  I bet he loves snuggling and never bites, scratches, or hisses at his family.  Bundle. Of. Joy.

Hamilton the hipster moustache

Hamilton the Hipster cat has a moustache, probably wears a vest, went to see Mumford & Sons last night, and works at an artisanal malt shoppe.  And just to make his point further, he also has more whiskers growing from his moustache whiskers – we get it HAMILTON, you have the biggest moustache! Congratulations.


This is Venus the two-faced cat.  She is intimidating because she looks like she has powers beyond my comprehension and she knows it.  She can probably read human thoughts.  Might be an ancient sorceress reincarnated as a cat.   I’ll admit it, this is a stunning cat — and I don’t just say that because she can read my thoughts, I swear!


Oh! Hi there Lil Bub! This cat is famously adorable because of that little tongue hanging out.  Ok…yeah, that’s pretty cute.  Bet he mews so cute too.  Mew mew!  Haha, aww.


AHHH!  This cat has huge eyes and tiny ears and is named WAFFLES!  Look at that chin perched on those lil paws!  AHH!  Ok I like this one too.

Princess Poppy

This is Princess Poppy, a famous Vancouver cat who calls Phoebe at our office her human.  She is wearing a dress and has a bow in her fur…. Is she trying too hard?  Maybe.  But she doesn’t look like she gives a single F about what you, or anyone, thinks!  She will scratch your eyes out with her freshly manicured claws and then take such delight in licking your blood from them, one by one.  I’m a dog person.

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